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Commercial Mortgages

Stein on New York Commercial Mortgage Transactions [2006]
LexisNexis Matthew Bender

In 18 chapters, this book explores a wide range of legal issues unique to New York commercial mortgages. Four chapters alone are devoted to the mortgage recording tax, with an emphasis on the problems and issues it creates for closings.

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Lender's Guide to Structuring and Closing Commercial Mortgage Loans [2004]
Joshua Stein PLLC

A textbook for commercial real estate finance lawyers and originators. Part 1 covers the underwriting and closing process -- due diligence, documents, deliveries, title insurance, and closing instructions. Part 2 looks at the borrower's organizational structure, including special problems of multiple borrowers. Other chapters examine insurance, tenants, lease reviews, how a lender looks at reciprocal easement agreements, nondisturbance agreements, letters of credit, ground leases, and issues unique to particular types of loan. After discussing how a borrower negotiates loan documents, the book closes with a look at the loan payoff process and loans in default.

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